Shintech is constantly focused on''Making Contributions to the Earth’s Future.''

Shintech belongs to the Vinyl Sustainability Council of the Vinyl Institute in the USA.

The Shin-Etsu’s Group’s Business Principle is to ''contribute to people’s living, society and industry through value creation in materials and technologies, while observing all laws and regulations as well as conducting fair corporate activities.'' 

With these Business Principles as a foundation, each and every one of the people working in our group is conscientiously carrying out their daily work with objectives to "supply key materials that meet society’s needs" and to ''contribute to the solution of the various issues that the Earth on which we are living is facing.''


Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud of our achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility.  Please see our reports.


Shintech’s Contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 2 Zero Hunger 
PVC is used for agricultural films such as vinyl plastic hothouses and plastic tunnel culture.  It provides agricultural materials indispensable to the growth of vegetables and other crops. PVC pipe low break rates save and transport precious water to where it is needed most.

Goal 3 Health and Well Being  
PVC mining suites and hazmat suites protect the wearer and are easily disinfected. Blood bags and saline bags bring vital fluids to sick and injured people. These bags require small flexible tubing which make it possible to heal and save babies. (Please read the Shin-Etsu Group's Human Rights Policy.)

Goal 6 Clean Water and Sanitation
PVC pipes carry safe clean drinking water. Sodium hypochlorite in combination with chlorine are used in tap water and drinking water to ensure sanitation. PVC pipe does not require additional chemical additives to protect water, unlike ductile iron does.

Goal 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
Vinyl windows contribute to energy savings in the home and office.  Insulated vinyl siding also saves heating and cooling energy. PVC pipe requires very low pumping energy over the pipe’s lifetime as the interior of the pipe does not corrode. Therefore, cities and municipalities save significant operating funds and increase energy efficiency.

Affordable and Clean Energy


Goal 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure  
Installation of highly durable PVC pipes and joints makes replacement of service water and sewage piping unnecessary for over 100 years. PVC pipes are suitable for use in all corrosive soil types.  

Goal 13 Climate Action
PVC windows can reduce window heat loss by 71% compared to aluminum windows.  Insulated vinyl siding also reduces energy needed to heat and cool houses.  Both rigid and flexible products are recyclable.  At both resin production and product manufacturing levels everyone benefits with sustainable recycling techniques.  

Goal 14 and Goal 15 Life in the Water and on Land
PVC is heavier than water so it does not float. PVC requires less energy to produce than other plastics.  PVC products are used to prevent land erosion or as landfill liners to protect surrounding soil from landfill leaching. The APME eco-profiles graph illustrates that PVC conserves more energy than other plastics and aluminum.    

Sustainability Facts!


  • Polyvinyl resin is the most sustainable plastic with salt as the primary ingredient at 57%. As shown in the graph above, PVC production is among plastic products requiring the least amount of energy to manufacture.
  • PVC products have a long, productive lifespan.  For instance, buried potable water PVC pipe remain sustainable for over 60 years without showing signs of wear.  Likewise, vinyl windows and siding provide decades of durable performance. 
  • Vinyl furniture and flooring withstand harsh cleaning solutions in medical facilities and commercial applications much better than other available products.
  • Safe medical vinyl blood bags maintain and protect viable blood cells longer than any other materials. 
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