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Every year Shintech and K-Bin report their environmental and safety records to an independent third party for qualification for the Vinyl Institute's Safety and Environmental Awards.


Shintech is a steward of the environment, which includes health and safety, and Shintech is ISO certified.  We are a vital part of our communities and the safety, health and wellness of each employee is of utmost importance to Shintech.

Shintech has an excellent safety and environmental record.  The vinyl industry’s incident rate is one of the lowest reported to OSHA.  Shintech strives to meet and exceed EPA emissions goals.




Safety Data Sheets

Safety RescuePVC

Safety Data Sheet Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

Safety Data Sheet Vinyl Chloride Monomer

Caustic Soda

Safety Data Sheet Sodium Hydroxide – 50%

Previously called Material Safety Data Sheets and referred to as MSDS, these safety tools are now referred to as Safety Data Sheets.

Shintech has a proven record of being a good neighbor by operating its facilities safely and responsibly. We started operations in Texas 1974 and expanded to Louisiana in 2000.  Facilities in Texas and Louisiana have outstanding Safety and Environmental records.  This safety and environmental record is a tribute to Shintech employees' dedication and focus on safe operations and reliably designed plants.

Shintech has an onsite Emergency Response Team with the following services;

  • Fire Fighting
  • Rescue
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Incident Command

Employees on the ERT must complete initial training, certification and continuing education.    



Environmental Policy

Environmental-495Shintech conducts its operations in an environmentally responsible manner that is protective of the community in which we operate.

We are committed to:

  • Compliance with applicable legal regulations and with other requirements we subscribe to which relate to our environmental aspects.
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Minimization of waste
  • Continual improvement of our environmental management systems.
  • Setting and periodically reviewing environmental objectives and targets promotes excellence in environmental leadership.

    Shintech conducts regular safety and environmental inspections and audits to test site programs.  Employees can also report any safety or environmental opportunity to their department supervision.


These three wildlife habitat photographs were taken by Bryan Casebonne at the Plaquemine, LA facility.  

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